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ESL - Ingles como Idioma Segundo

English as a Second Language Program is provided by one ESL teacher to Limited English Proficient students in Floyd County. The teacher is an itinerant teacher and serves our elementary and high schools. The program consists of assessment to determine proficiency in the English language, one to one instruction in a pullout model, in class support and teacher consultation. Classroom materials are used when appropriate as well as some bilingual materials. In addition, at Floyd County High School, one of the Spanish teachers works with Limited English Proficient students to assess proficiency in the English language. The teachers also work with the families during parent teacher conferences and meetings.

Floyd County Public Schools English as a Second Language program and the Jessie Peterman Memorial Library have joined in a partnership to promote literacy. Come share in culture and language during a 30-minute Spanish story time, “Tiempo de Historias.” Whether it is your first language or something you'd like to learn, everyone is welcome to come and hear children's stories in Spanish. This will be an ongoing learning opportunity that will serve to help our families form deeper connections within our community. Please click on the link to keep up with changing dates and times.

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