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Gifted Education

The Floyd County School Division recognizes that its gifted students are individuals first and gifted students second. Moreover, gifted children exist in all ethnic, geographic, disabled and socio-economic groups. These students possess unique talents and/or superior specific academic abilities differing from their peers to such a degree that differentiation of both the curriculum and instructional techniques and strategies in kindergarten through twelfth grade must be made available in order to enhance and aid their development.

Delivery of gifted services is predicated upon an in-class differentiation model for grades K-12, supported by collaboration between classroom teachers, Site-based Gifted Coordinators and a division-wide Gifted Specialist.

The state department of education requires each school system to submit a plan for gifted education. This document includes the school system’s definition of gifted, areas served, identification procedure, and timelines for expansion of the gifted program.

Parents are encouraged to contact the following teachers for more information about gifted student services at the school site level:

Indian Valley Elementary Jennifer Brotherton
Willis Elementary Laura Serr
Floyd Elementary Amanda Morgan 
Stacy Janney
Check Elementary Kim Keith
Floyd County High School Kelly Blackwell
                                            Jonathan Marye


The Gifted Specialist for Floyd County Public Schools is Kimberly Marye. The Gifted Specialist and Site-based Gifted Coordinators actively seek candidates from parent, community, peer and self-referrals at all grade levels in addition to making recommendations based upon in-class observations and planned activities, periodic reviews of standardized test scores, and student work. Anyone wishing to make a referral to Programs for the Gifted should fill out the attached referral form and submit to the principal at the child's school.


The Gifted Advisory Committee's mission is to increase community awareness and participation in programs for gifted students in the Floyd County Public Schools. Membership includes a parent representative from each school. This committee meets at least four times during the school year at 4 p.m. in the conference room of the Floyd County School Board Office. All sessions of the advisory committee are opened to the public.

Additional services provided by Programs for the Gifted in Floyd County include grade-level focus sessions, literature study groups, and/or group work focusing on topics of student interest. Classroom teachers maintain strategy logs on behalf of each of our gifted students in grades K - 7. These logs are sent home at the end of the second, fourth and sixth six-week grading period along with student report cards.

Four times a year, two different book discussion groups are held at the high school level. The first group includes interested 8th graders and the second group includes 9th-12th graders. Students can select from two different novels for each discussion group. These book groups are part of the Honor's Reading Program. 

FCPS Gifted Program Information:

      ·        FCPS Gifted Plan 
      ·        Gifted Committee and Meetings
      ·        Referral Letter
      ·        Strategy Log
               Gifted Education Parent Night

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