Annuities & Deferred Compensation                                   403b Annuity:  Ben Jackson
   403(b) Annuity: Rick Hill
                                                                                    Contact:   403(b) Annuity & 457(b) Deferred Comp: Tom Ely or Bill Pullen
                                                                                    Contact: or
                                                                                    VRSI Investment Options:
                                                                                        - Annuity Investors Life
                                                                                        - AXA Equitable
                                                                                        - Commonwealth Annuity and Life Insurance
                                                                                        - GWN Securities
                                                                                        - ING
                                                                                        - Life of the Southwest
                                                                                        - Midland National
                                                                                        - Oppenheimer
                                                                                        - TCA/IFA

Floyd County Public Schools does not endorse any vendor or their products. Additionally, the school division does not guarantee any funds invested, investment returns, interest rates, dividends, or tax advantages in voluntary retirement savings programs. Each employee must assume responsibility for their own investments. Employees should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of the investment products and its underlying fund options carefully before investing and should refer to vendor's disclosure booklets and fund prospectuses or other material regarding the specifics of the company’s products.