• Floyd Elementary is a PK-7 elementary school located close to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Floyd Elementary has an excellent staff with high expectations of its students.  We consistently strive to create an excellent educational experience for our students and an environment of professional collaboration and growth for our staff.

    Mission Statement

    The educators of Floyd County Public Schools are committed to excellence in education, equality of educational opportunity, and the recognition of each student's individuality. Inasmuch as students differ in their rate of physical, mental, emotional, and social growth, learning opportunities are provided that are consistent with personal development and potential. In order for the school division to insure that every student achieves at high levels, it has engaged in partnerships with parents, community businesses, and local service agencies.


    We, the faculty and staff of Floyd Elementary School, believe that the school should provide a climate for learning where the educational process supplies learning skills and tools necessary for teaching each student to develop independent and critical thinking.

    We believe that teachers should recognize the value of each child in the classroom and discover that he/she can contribute to the whole.  Through this recognition, the child will experience a feeling of self-worth, thus the learning environment will be enhanced.

    We believe that the school provides the framework in which each student, a unique individual, should receive the foundation to become a useful, creative, and responsible citizen.

     History of the School

    Floyd Elementary School as it currently exists was organized in 1962, in a building constructed in 1939 for Floyd High School. Previous to 1962, the fifth, sixth, and seventh grade classes were housed in an older building erected in 1913.  The primary grades were part of a combined high school and elementary level known as Floyd High School.  Upon completion of the new Floyd County High School built in 1962, the building formerly used by Floyd High became Floyd Elementary.

    In 1974, an additional building was erected next to the main structure.  This building houses the kindergarten and pre-school programs.

    In 1981, the building previously used as a county-wide materials center was purchased by the Floyd County School Board for additional classroom space.  It is located between the elementary and high school buildings.

    After the construction of a new Industrial Arts building for Floyd County High School in 1990, the previously used building across from the elementary school was converted to classrooms for Floyd Elementary students.

    In 1991, a greenhouse was added to the front of the kindergarten building.  The front entrance of the main building was also renovated, which included paving the parking area and installing sidewalks.

    In 1993, the Title One facility was added to the school grounds.  This is located next to the kindergarten building.

    Construction was continued in the spring of 2001 on a facilities renovation program to add 3 new classrooms, 2 science labs, and a technology lab to Floyd Elementary.  Also, an elevator was installed to accommodate faculty and students with special needs.

    Final construction which included a new media center, two new classrooms, a computer lab and a newly renovated gymnasium was completed in 2005. 

    In 2007 an amphitheater was constructed between the main building and the kindergarten building.  In 2009 a picnic shelter was constructed on the playground and near the fields across the road from the school.