Six Year Vision

  • Goal 1: Floyd County Public Schools will focus on early childhood education by reinforcing our efforts so we identify the underserved population and increase services.

    Goal 2: Floyd County Public Schools will increase the instructional resources and professional development to ensure we are providing high engagement and student self-monitoring activities which are focused on project based learning and literacy as well as internship opportunities for upper high school grades.

    • Expand our facilities to include a Collaboration and Career Development Center on the high school campus that will also alllow us to focus on eighth grade transition and create more classroom space in current high school building. The expansion will also provide an opportunity to increase security for the Floyd Elementary and High School with improved traffic routes and bus routes.

    Goal 3: Floyd County Public Schools will establish and sustain a One Voice emphasis creating an instructional and physical environment that allows students to feel safe and allows for the forming of relationships that lets students know they are cared for and that our staff wants them to succeed.

    • Increase the support for student mental health and the special needs of our students by adding more special education teachers and specialists in the locations of greatest need.
    • An evaluation of our facility and technology infrastructure is under way to ensure safety, security, and optimization of our learning environments.  The facility infrastructure includes all HVAC systems, heating and cooling systems, the possibility of installing AC in unairconditioned areas of all schools, and roofing structures. The reviews also include alternate forms of energy to heat and cool our schools.

    Goal 4: Floyd County Public Schools will increase the educational experiences by focusing on areas where we may be underserving our students as well as a focus on local, state, and global job skills necessary to develop college and career ready citizens.

    • Enhance our facilities to include a Collaboration and Career Development Center on the high school campus that will provide opportunities to expand course offerings that align with the new graduation requirements, include more internship opportunities and current career skills.  These new programs will be focused on the job skills needed for the new ecomony as well as benefit our community as they attract new businesses to our area.
    • Additional adult education programs could be offered to our community in the form of evening classes. The new facility would have other community spaces to assist in meeting the needs of the Floyd County community.

School Division Budgets

Current FY 19 Budget Highlights

    • Add classes for our high school students in Robotics and Teacher Education
    • Add classes for our middle grades in technology and coding
    • Increase sections in Nursing program
    • Reorganize the teacher pay scale and make the scale competitive with our area (goal is to rank 5th or above in comparison to 12 local school divisions based on current 2017-2018 scales of local school divisions)
    • Increase the employer portion of the health care costs of employees
    • Provide a 2% pay increase to all remaining staff members not on the teacher scale
    • Begin a study of the classified and administrative pay scales for review with the FY 20 budget
    • Evaluation of our technology infrastructure was completed in March 2018 by professional organizations. All necessary improvements and upgrades will be completed on our technology infrastructure to allow for maximization of technology resources which will improve instructional and learning experiences. 
    • Continue the review of the facilities study and begin the process of upgrading our facilities and constructing an advanced collaboration and learning center that will allow for expansion of programs for at least 20 years.
    • Reallocating positions to add a full-time Special Education Position to FES
    • Reallocating positions to add a half-time Special Education position at FES allowing the current half-time to be full-time
    • Reallocating positions to add a half-time Special Education position at CES allowing the current half-time to be full-time
    • Reallocating positions to add a full-time Instructional Aide at FES
    • Added an additional Reading Specialist at FES
    • Add a Response to Intervention (RTI) coordinator suppliment for FES
    • Purchase and incorporate academic and career planning software and system, Major Clarity, for grades 6 through 12
    • Installed web telecommunication cameras in all five schools, the school board office, and the technology department
    • Installed visitor and student check-in check-out monitoring system and software in all schools. Visitor system will scan drivers licenses of visitors.
    • Redesigned the FCHS library to create a collaborative learning space
    • Installed new camera system that coordinates with the new door monitoring and lock system at FCHS. Upgraded current emergency classroom communication and bell system.
    • Installed new camera systems at all elementary schools and are coordinating these with the door monitoring and lock system.
    • Installed virus protection software and systems to all computers, servers, and our network
    • Added an Employee Assistance Program for all employees through Carilion

Previous FY 18 Budget Highlights

    • Implemented a 2% raise effective July 1, 2017 for all employees
    • Funded the state mandated VRS rate increases
    • Financed for purchase 11 new buses for a term of six years
    • Increased the employer contribution of employee’s health insurance
    • Initiated the opportunity and funded yearlong Governor’s School for all 13 FCHS students who applied
    • Added a Pre-K program and teacher at Check Elementary School
    • Added a half-time Social Studies teacher at Floyd County High School
    • Added a full-time Nurse/CTE Teacher for the Nursing program at FCHS
    • Added a full-time Special Education teacher at FCHS
    • Converted a current half-time Career & Technical Education teacher to full-time
    • Added a full-time Teacher Assistant position
    • Converted a current part-time Teacher Assistant to full-time
    • Funded the costs for all 10th and 11th grade students to take the PSAT’s
    • Purchased additional math and reading software in all schools for K-7 students
    • Added two additional secondary coaching supplements
    • Restored five secondary coaching supplements
    • Created new STEAM labs at each elementary school
    • Created a new CTE business lab at the vocational school
    • Extended Chromebooks for use by all third grade students
    • Purchased organizational and resource software for English Language Learners program
    • Rebranded our school division with a new webpage interface and communication system
    • Enlisted engineering firms and coordinating facility studies for the upgrade and expansion of Collaboration Center and HVAC systems in all schools