• FCHS Beta

            The objectives of the Floyd County High School Beta Club are:

      • to encourage and reward creditable student effort and achievement;
      • to seek to cultivate the ideals of service and proper leadership in high school students who will be the citizens of tomorrow;
      • to promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, leadership and service;
      • to encourage and assist students to continue their education after high school.



          The purpose of this organization shall be the promotion and recognition of scholarship, leadership and good citizenship at Floyd County High School.

           Membership is made up from the student body in the 11th and 12th grades at FCHS, who have met the qualifications established in the FCHS Beta handbook. The method of selection of members of the Floyd County High School Beta Club shall be as follows:
    • The scholastic requirements for membership shall be an average of 3.3 or better at the time the student becomes a fully qualified Junior or Senior.
      • This GPA requirement was ratified in 2010/2011 and will increased to 3.5 or better begining with the class of 2016.  When these students are juniors during the 2014/2015 school year, the 3.5 requirement was applied for the first time and continue for future classes.
    • The screening committee, consisting of the faculty members employed at FCHS, shall be appointed by the Principal. The committee shall screen all juniors and seniors that meet the scholastic requirements and then decide which students fulfill the other requirements of character, achievement and citizenship.
    • New members will be inducted in an annual induction ceremony (This year's ceremony was April 5, 2016).  Next year, we are tentively planning for the next induction ceremony in December, 2016. 
    Beta Motto
    "Let us lead by serving others."

    Beta Pledge

           I solemnly declare that I shall always strive to hold fast to the principles of honesty, to endeavor constantly to maintain a creditable record, to cultivate in my life and conduct the principles of service and leadership.  I further pledge myself to cooperate with the members of the National Beta Club in the promotion of a sense of individual responsibility to our school, community, State and Nation, to make right the master of might, and to consecrate our comradeship to mutual helpfulness and to the betterment of our fellow students.
    Please direct questions, comments and concerns to the FCHS Beta club sponsor: Jason Burgard
    Email: burgardj@floyd.k12.va.us  or (540) 745-9450
  • Beta Officers



    The duties of the President shall be to preside at the meetings; to appoint the committees of the chapter (unless otherwise provided for in the By-Laws); to represent the organization when necessary; and to administer the policies as laid down in the Constitution and By-Laws. [Also, plan activities for the Club.]

    Vice President:

    The duties of the Vice-president shall be to preside at meetings when the President is absent or incapacitated to perform the duties of the office; to assist in administering the affairs of the chapter; To serve on such committees as are designated in the By-Laws and will also act as Chairman of the Executive Committee.


    The duties of the Secretary shall be to keep records of membership; to record the minutes of the meetings and to carry on the necessary club correspondence.


    The duties of the Treasurer shall be to keep a record of all financial matters pertaining to this organization; to collect and preserve the club's funds; to pay out of the club's funds the necessary and designated money to meet the financial obligations of the club; and to pass on to the treasurer succeeding him/her all the records and funds remaining in the treasury.


    The duties of the Reporter shall be to represent the organization on the editorial staff of both the school newspaper and the school annual; and the reporter shall act as Chairman of the Publicity Committee.