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    Many of our students have been introduced to the Mensa Reading Challenge.  This would be great to encourage and monitor from home during the school year!

    ● “Recognizing that fostering a passion for reading early often leads to educational success, the Mensa Foundation created the Excellence in Reading program to take young readers on guided journeys to new worlds with well-rounded, challenging lists of titles.”

    ● The lists were compiled, based on books a well-read student should read in their lifetime by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Library of Congress.

    ● Students that I’ve met with have been given the opportunity to hear about the program along with a list of the books for their grade level. Students need to record the date completed (not going back more than a year) and a rating for each book.  Count no more than 5 books previously read.

    ● Participation is voluntary, but STRONGLY encouraged. If you have reluctant readers, I have LOTS of other books you can try too, just email me. The most important thing is that your child READS DAILY!

    ● Extra reading lists can be found by clicking on the links below: 

    K-3 Reading list

    4-6 Reading list

    7-8 Reading list

    9-12 Reading list

    Non-fiction reading list   (you can substitute 5 book titles on your reading list for 5 books from the non-fiction list)

Book list for parents