Take Home Books

  • Reading Bags go home every Monday and Wednesday.  These books are based on their independent reading level so they should be able to read them with ease.  Please let your child practice reading to you every night to help build their fluency and confidence in reading.

Rocket Words

  • Your child will have rocket words to practice nightly.  These words are sight words that will commonly be in your child's reading and writing.  

    Rocket Words Check-in Day:

    Tuesday:  Alan, Carly, Chase, Gerald, Haley

    Wednesday:  Harmony, Jaxson, Jayden, Jonah, Jordan

    Thursday:  Julia, Keegan, Keenan, Kenzie

    Friday:  Noah, Truman, Tucker


  • Spelling words will be practiced for 2 weeks.  This gives us time to do lots of classroom activities to help your child learn the spelling patterns.  You will receive a list of words to sort each night.  Please make sure that your child sorts their words and uses the choice boards to practice spelling 10 of the words each night.  Be sure to rotate the words they are working on spelling.

    Our next spelling test is:  April 12th