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CCDC Tentative Project Schedule

  • We are extremely early in the project and as it gets more defined, so will the schedule. Our team will work to optimize it, balancing staff and student safety, school operations, cost, and cost avoidance.                                                                                   

    Conceptual Design - through September 2019                                            

    Schematic Design - through November 22, 2019                                      

    Design Development - through February 25, 2020                                         

    Construction Documents - through May 27, 2020                                  

    Advertisement for Construction Bids, May 28, 2020                                  

    Open Bids, July 1, 2020                                      

    Award Construction Contracts, July 22, 2020                                    


           New Construction Phase - July 23, 2020 to May 18, 2022           

           Renovation Phase - May 2, 2022 to January 20, 2023


CCDC Progress Update


    Pre Kickoff Planning Meeting 08/22/2019 08/22/2019 Met with the Senior Project Manager from Thompson & Litton to review next steps and organize the Kick-off meeting
    Meet with leaders from Citizens about the CCDC and technology consulting on the project 08/22/2019 08/22/2019  
    Meet with each FCHS teachers to follow up on feedback from them about their space in CCDC 08/22/2019 08/30/2019  
    Survey and inspection of current CTE facility 08/27/2019 08/28/2019  
    Site Visit from Geotechnical Investigation Team 08/28/2019 08/28/2019 See the explanation for Geotechnical Engineering below
    Meet with Sheriff Brian Craig and Officer Justin Coleman 08/27/2019 08/27/2019 Discuss construction traffic and workers that will soon be on our school sites
    Pre Kickoff Planning Meeting w/ CCDC staff 08/26/2019 08/30/2019 Meet with all instructional staff involved in CCDC and once again get their detailed input on what they need in their spaces.
    Meet with Erica Sunshine, architect T & L 08/27/2019 08/27/2019 Reviewed progress of the design and tour the current CTE facility
    Consultation meeting through Google Hangout with VDOE Workforce Development and STEM staff 08/30/2019 08/30/2019 Conference with Dr. David Eshelman, Director of Workforce Development and Initiatives and Dr. Tina Manglicmot, Director STEM and Innovation and the T & L project team
    Geotechnical Investigation to begin 09/03/2019 09/03/2019 Drilling rig and other large construction vehicles will be on campus near the CTE building to determine site characteristics to maximize the efficiency of the CCDC construction.
    Fifth Grade classes and high school classes will experience the Geotechnical process 09/03/2019 09/04/2019 Classes will have the opportunity to observe the process remotley and later in the 9 weeks have the project engineer from Schnabel Engineering show a core sample and explain the process and results at schools.
    Kickoff Meeting 09/04/2019 09/04/2019 This will involve the Thompson & Litton team as well as the Floyd County Schools CCDC instructional team, and other consultants listed below.
    Contacting professional with knowledge of designing a high tech, workforce development-ready facility 08/23/2019   Consulting with and invited the Dean of Arts College of Science and Technology from Radford University to be part of our CCDC Design Team
    Contacting professional with knowledge of designing a high tech, workforce development-ready facility 08/26/2019   Consulting with and invited New River Community College representatives to provide input on college career ready skill development to be part of our CCDC Design Team
    Contacting professional with knowledge of designing a high tech, workforce development-ready facility 08/23/2019   Consulting with and invited the Virginia Tech STEM Professor in the School of Education to be part of our CCDC Design Team
    Contacting professional with knowledge of designing a high tech, workforce development-ready facility. 08/23/2019   Consulting with and invited the Virginia Tech Institute of Creativity, Arts, and Technology (ICAT) and the Center for Research in Science, Engineering, Arts and Design Education (SEAD) staff to be part of the CCDC Design team
    T & L provided three possible layouts at the Kick-Off meeting, staff provided feedback once again. 9/04/2019 9/11/2019  
    T & L Architects will provide their analysis of the feedback and layout options for the conceptual design. 9/13/2019 9/13/2019 Erica Sunshine, architect will provide options for the layout to school staff and leadership
    T & L Architects will provide the progress on the conceptional and scematic designs. 10/17/2019 10/17/2019 Erica Sunshine, architect will provide the progress on the designs including hallways and corridors.
    Met with T & L Architects to review the progress on the design development. 11/13/2019 11/13/2019 Dr. Wheeler, Mr. Hollandsworth and the T & L team met to discuss the design development.
    T & L Architect team brought the progress on the design develpment to view 11/18/2019 11/18/2019 Ms. Cromer discussed with the architects the next steps which will be the three dimensional design and meetings with each of the teachers to design the space for their learning areas.
    T & L Architect and project managers reviewed the technology infrastruture plans including security and camera system.  12/20/2019 12/20/2019 Dr. Wheeler, Mr. Ratcliffe, Director of Technology, Mr. Cox, Maintenance Supervisor, Ms. Cromer, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction and Innovation, and a team from Citizens who provide our technology infrastructure and current camera and security systems met with T & L team to review the needs for the technology infrastructure in the CCDC.
    T & L Architects, CTE classroom designer, and Culinary facility designer will meet with our current CTE teachers to assist in designing their specific learning spaces. 1/3/2020 1/3/2020  
    The designers and architects,  Ray Lanham of DES, Amy Hegarty of Food Service Consultants, Erica Sunshine and Dan Beranato of Thompson & Litton will meet  once again with each of the CCDC teachers to continue to create their spaces. Also  Tracy Johnson, from Inspire (they represent many different companies that provide furniture and classroom items and design layouts) will be in the meetings. Tracy will be able to create 2-D and 3-D drawings and look at various design layouts for each area. Tracy will also be able to see what furniture we have and can continue to use if necessary. 
    1/23/2020 1/24/2020  
    The civil engineer from VDOT will meet with maintenance staff and administration from FCPS to review the layout of the roads that will be used and built for the CCDC on the FCHS campus. 1/24/2020 1/24/2020  
    The designers and architects will review the classroom layouts they have continueally developed with the teacher's input. 2/19/2020 2/19/2020 Designer, Ray Lanham of DES, and architects Erica Sunshine and Dan Beranato of Thompson & Litton will be meeting with the teachers to review the classroom plans that have been continually developed and designed over the collaborative process.
    Dr. Wheeler shared the plans with the BOS at their April meeting. 4/14/2020 4/14/2020  
    Dr. Wheeler, Erika Sunshine, Dan Beranato (from Thompson & Litton) and Sheriff Brian Craig met to review the site plans and building layout for any safety concerns. 4/27/2020 4/27/2020  
    Pre-Construction meeting with Frith Construction Project Managers, Thompson & Litton staff, County of Floyd Administrators, School Division leadership team, and subcontractors met for pre-construction information. 9/9/2020 9/9/2020 First phase will be the completion on the detention basin and the new parking lot across the street from the current CTE building. 
    Groundbreaking Ceremony 11/17/2020 11/17/2020  

Geotechnical Engineering Information

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.