Industry Credentials

  • Class of 2020-2021 Industry Credentialing Results

    • 98% of students graduated with a certification
    • 100% of Nursing students passed the Certified Nursing Assistant Exam
    • 82% of students who took the Workplace Readiness Certification exam passed

    According to the Annual Performance Report, from the Virginia Department of Education Floyd County High School had a 100% (112 of 112) graduation rate.

    In addition to graduating,

    • 94.25% of CTE completers successfully transitioned from secondary school to employment, military, further education. 
    • 27.68% (target is 28.00%) of completers were from underrepresented gender groups. 
    • 93% pass rate for completers of CTE programs in credentialing tests
    • 42.86% of students who earned an Advanced Studies Diploma and passed a credentialing exam.  
    • 77.68% of all CTE completers participated in a work-based learning activity.