• Release of Student Records to Armed Forces Recruiters and Educational Institutions

    Divisions must notify parents that they will release the names, addresses and telephone numbers of secondary students to all recruiters or institutions of higher education that request them unless the parents specifically request that this information not be released. This is done at FCHS in accordance with VSBA Policy JO Student Records; 20 U.S.C. § 7908(a). Below:

    §7908. Armed Forces recruiter access to students and student recruiting information

    (a) Policy

    (1) Access to student recruiting information

    Notwithstanding section 1232g(a)(5)(B) of this title, each local educational agency receiving assistance under this chapter shall provide, upon a request made by a military recruiter or an institution of higher education, access to the name, address, and telephone listing of each secondary school student served by the local educational agency, unless the parent of such student has submitted the prior consent request under paragraph (2).

    (2) Consent

    (A) Opt-out process

    A parent of a secondary school student may submit a written request, to the local educational agency, that the student's name, address, and telephone listing not be released for purposes of paragraph (1) without prior written consent of the parent. Upon receiving such request, the local educational agency may not release the student's name, address, and telephone listing for such purposes without the prior written consent of the parent.

  • School Messenger Notification System

    School Closing Information Number
    (540) 745-9495

    In the event that an emergency arises making it impossible to open school, announcements will be made through the media as soon as possible.

    Should hazardous weather or conditions within a school building develop during the day that would require closing school before the regular dismissal time, it is essential that each pupil know what he/she is to do and where he/she is to go.

    It will be impossible to contact all parents before releasing the children on such emergency occasions. To prevent confusion, parents are urged to make necessary arrangements for their children. The parents will fill out a form, prepared by the principal, and return to the student's teacher noting arrangements that have been made.

    Unless employees are notified that their work schedule is changed because of adverse weather or emergency conditions, it is expected that all employees will work according to the terms of their contract.

    Types of Closing & Accompanying Procedures

    All Day Closings

    All schools will be closed for the day. Media contacts will be notified before 6:00 am, subsequently announcing, "ALL FLOYD COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS WILL BE CLOSED TODAY."

    All Day or Closing of a Single School or Small Group of Schools

    The superintendent or designee must approve the closing of an individual school or special group of schools that may be necessitated due to lack of heat, or some other local emergency condition. Media contacts will be notified as soon as a decision is reached.

    Early Closings

    When schools will be dismissed prior to regular schedule, the exact time of dismissal will be released to media contacts, school principals and facilities managers.

    Media Sources

    The INSTANT ALERT system will deliver a message to the primary phone number of each parent and staff member.

    (540) 745-9495




    1030 AM



    710 AM: News Talk



    1460 AM: Sports News



    100.7 FM: Hot 100's



    101.7 FM: Super Talk



    105.3 FM: The Bear



    107.1 FM: PSK



    960 AM



    89.1 FM: Public Radio



    92.3 FM: K-92



    94.9 FM: Star Country



    99.1 FM: Q-99



    100.1 FM: Vibe 100



    Roanoke, VA


    Channel 7

    Roanoke, VA


    Channel 10

    One-Hour Delayed Openings

    All students report to school one hour late and leave at their regular closing time. Media contacts will be notified prior to 6:00 am.

    Special Conditions

    Extra-curricular activities, interscholastic contests, team practices, and non-school activities canceled.

    Field trips canceled.

    Local in-service programs and classes in adult education canceled.

    Two-Hour Delayed Openings

    All students except pre-school special education students report two hours later than their regular schedule and leave at their regular closing time. Media contacts will be notified prior to 6:00 am.