• Preschool

    Floyd Elementary School is home to two Preschool Programs.  Both programs have special qualifications for enrollment.  The programs work together to promote a great first experience in the school setting for children.  Research has shown that a positive and enriching environment in Early Childhood leads to success in the child’s future school experiences.  The following shares some information about the two Preschool Programs located within Floyd Elementary School.  

    One program is the VPI Preschool, which stands for Virginia Preschool Initiative.  It is designed for 4-year-olds who are considered at-risk due to socioeconomic factors such as income and living situations.  The goal of VPI is to prepare students for Kindergarten by exposing them to the basic concepts needed for understanding reading and math.  Examples include phonemic awareness, letter identification, number sense, and counting.  The children also work on skills to become independent, responsible, and able to form positive social relationships with peers.  The other preschool is the ECSE Program, which stands for Early Childhood Special Education.  This program is designed for children ages 2-5 who have been identified with a disability by the state criteria set by the Virginia Department of Education.  There are two ECSE classrooms.  The classroom for younger children is a half- day program four days a week for children ages 2-3 and the other classroom is full day, five days a week for the older children ages 4-5.  Children in the ECSE program benefit from specialized instruction to promote development across the five developmental domains: Adaptive, Personal-Social, Motor, Communication, and Cognitive.  Children in this program may also receive Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy as related services when appropriate.   

    Meet the Teachers


    Holly Kiser

    Lauren Conner

    Karen Via