• We are creating an educational environment that values relationships and improving the lives of students, families, and staff. The key to accomplishing our goals is forming a culture that aligns all that is involved in learning so each part compliments the other and continuously builds through each year of our children’s journey. Our students will understand their potential and have the ability to realize their dreams. Our goals are getting accomplished and allowing us to provide more relevant opportunities for our students and the community. 

    The alignment of the instruction, curriculum, and assessment allows for a common thread of purpose to be evident in all learning through each year of school. We are very fortunate to have a School Board and Board of Supervisors that understand the changing skills necessary for our students to be college and career ready as well as social and emotionally healthy. The Collaboration and Career Development Center (CCDC) is a result of our clear vision for Floyd County. We will be able to provide experiences that will be relevant for many years to come. The CCDC opportunities will be successful for our students because the learning culture and cognitive development we have established from Pre-Kindergarten to eighth grade will allow our students to perform both academically, socially and emotionally at a high level. They will be prepared to communicate, be creative and critical problem solvers, collaborate successfully, and be solid citizens.  

    Goal 1: Floyd County Public Schools will focus on early childhood education by reinforcing our efforts so we identify the underserved population and increase services.

    Goal 2: Floyd County Public Schools will increase the instructional resources and professional development to ensure we are providing high engagement and student self-monitoring activities that are focused on project-based learning and literacy as well as internship opportunities for upper high school grades.

    • Expand our facilities to include a Collaboration and Career Development Center on the high school campus that will also allow us to focus on eighth-grade transition and create more classroom space in the current high school building. The expansion will also provide an opportunity to increase security for the Floyd Elementary and High School with improved traffic routes and bus routes.

    Goal 3: Floyd County Public Schools will establish and sustain a One Voice emphasis creating an instructional and physical environment that allows students to feel safe and allows for the forming of relationships that let students know they are cared for and that our staff wants them to succeed.

    • Increase the support for student mental health and the special needs of our students by adding more special education teachers and specialists in the locations of greatest need.
    • An evaluation of our facility and technology infrastructure is underway to ensure the safety, security, and optimization of our learning environments.  The facility infrastructure includes all HVAC systems, heating and cooling systems, the possibility of installing AC in unairconditioned areas of all schools, and roofing structures. The reviews also include alternate forms of energy to heat and cool our schools.

    Goal 4: Floyd County Public Schools will increase the educational experiences by focusing on areas where we may be underserving our students as well as a focus on local, state, and global job skills necessary to develop college and career-ready citizens.

    • Enhance our facilities to include a Collaboration and Career Development Center on the high school campus that will provide opportunities to expand course offerings that align with the new graduation requirements, include more internship opportunities and current career skills.  These new programs will be focused on the job skills needed for the new economy as well as benefit our community as they attract new businesses to our area.
    • Additional adult education programs could be offered to our community in the form of evening classes. The new facility would have other community spaces to assist in meeting the needs of the Floyd County community.