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Directions to FCHS Learning Management System (Canvas)

Parents and Students:
Below is information and directions on how your child can log in and view our Virtual Learning Management System (Canvas), which all students attending in person and Virtually will use for this school year.
From any computer, when FCHS students log in to their Floyd County Google Account, they will automatically see 3 tabs at the top of their window:
1. Canvas
2. Gmail
3. Powerschool
Their Canvas tab will be their Learning Management System and each student should be able to view each class they are enrolled in here at FCHS on this site.  Each student, whether they are attending Virtually or in-person, should go to this site Tuesday, August 11th, for information and instructions from each of their teachers.
Should you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call.

When students log on to their Chromebooks, Canvas Dashboard, Gmail, and Student Portal tabs are automatically pushed out to open.  Students do not need to "sign-in" to Canvas Dashboard.
If students close their tabs, Canvas Dashboard is bookmarked under the FCPS Bookmarks tab on the upper left side. Students may need to scroll down to view it.