Code of Virginia Change

Notes from the Cafeteria:

The 2018 General Assembly adopted House Bill 50 and Senate Bill 840, codified as Virginia §22.1-79.7, Code of Virginia, which require local school boards to establish policies to protect students from overt identification if they owe any unpaid meal charges or cannot pay for a meal at school.

This new requirement prohibits school nutrition staff from communicating school meal debt to students.  We are only allowed to communicate by letter or direct communication with the parents as listed below. We hope to have the school messaging system making telephone calls to the families this week about low or negative balances.

Our complete meal charge policy (JHCH-R) is available on our website and in your school calendar/handbook.  

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact your child’s school or Pamela Harris, School Nutrition Specialist at the School Board Office at 540-745-9487.